HubDM Technologies


About HubDM

HubDM Technologies is a dedicated Website, Mobile Application, Online Marketing & SEO service providing firm started in 2019. We have worked with Learnmore, Mybigguide, WeDo-Edu Pvt. Ltd, Fitfino Pvt. Ltd and other 320+ small and medium companies.

We have dedicated Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Sales Team, Content Writer, & Graphics Designers. We are expert on our field and always learn new thinks to deliver latest technologies to our clients.

In India, there are 55 Crore peoples who use the internet on the daily basis. 80% of the users search their queries on the internet before purchasing anything. 90% of users find nearby Restaurants, Hospitals, Institutes, Shops, Hotels, Groceries, and many more.

Due to the penetration of E-commerce and fast internet. More and more users purchase 65% of their products and services online without visiting any offline shops. In this busy and crowded life, users want their products and services on their doorstep.

Our Team

Aman Kandhwe


Aman is an Expert Web-application developer for 5 years. He has 6 years of experience in the Digital World. According to the client, Aman is a disciplined, Smart, and Down to earth developer, who loves to develop easy-to-use and scalable digital products.

Vishal Mathur


Vishal is an Expert Web-application front-end and UI designer with 4.5 years of experience. He loves to develop the latest, easy-to-understand, and clean user interface. According to the client, Vishal is a focused, disciplined and Smart UI developer. Also, he has over 5.5 years of experience in the digital world.

Ayush Agarwal

Team Manager

Ayush Agarwal is a Computer Science graduate who’s an expert in bringing your vision to life. He’s had a couple years of experience with web design and development, and is known for his diligence among his clients.

Rahul Gupta

Marketing Head

Rahul is a Professional Marketing Expert with 2.5+ years of experience. Also, he is a WordPress site developer for 3 years. He is a very honest and hardworking person and develops clients’ projects on time. He has worked with many businesses and clients across India.

Priyesh Gupta's

Team Manager

Priyesh Gupta’s expertise is in the area of web and application development. He’s a computer science graduate. He has worked with several clients over the last few years and has diligently delivered the projects that exceeded expectations.

Why Choose HubDM

We have worked with MyBigGuide (2M+ Youtube Subscriber), Learnmore (1.5M+ YouTube Subscriber), and 16 others with 100K+ subscriber channels and helped them to achieve their goals in this digital world.

Our service policy is loved by 98% of clients. Because we are always available during business hours and help you in every scenario when you face any kind of trouble. Also, we take a possible short time to solve your problem or give you the best way to solve your problem.

All the services are very clear and we haven’t added any hidden charges on any one of our services. We give a details overview of the service so that you already know the exact cost and features that we are going to provide you.

All the services are designed according to your business. We don’t give you useless features, because it increases the budget of the project. All the services are very affordable and value for the money.

Our Mission

Developing a Website and Mobile app can be too much costly according to the features. But small Business owners, Professionals, Teachers, and early startups don’t need too many features on their websites and mobile app to grow online.

HubDM helps these people develop their online businesses at a very affordable cost. Also, we provide hand-holding support to our all clients so that they can easily run their online businesses without any technical knowledge.

In the coming 5 to 8 years we want to help more than 5 lakh MSMEs, and Professional service providers to create a strong online presence and can general more leads and sales for their businesses.