How To Create A Free and Paid Course In Your App

This Guide is only for those uses who have our Educator’s App. Contact Us if you want to know more about our Educator’s App.

Step 1

Upload all your prerecorded videos on your YouTube channel. Note: upload videos and publish with “Unlisted”. For more information, you can read How To Create A YouTube Channel To Store Course Videos.

Step 2

Login into your dashboard. To create a course you have to create a product first. For this click on “Products” and Add New.

Step 3

Enter your course title. Note: use short and good title. And then scroll down.

Step 4

Must check “Virtual”. And enter your course regular price and sale price. And then click on “Inventory”.

Step 5

Must check “Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order”. Now you have done click on “Publish”. You can edit Price and Course Title in the future.

Step 6

After creating a Product. Click on “Tutor LMS” and Add New.

Step 7

Enter course title again. Below you can see a description area where you can describe your courses. In the toolbar, you can edit text. After completing the course description scroll down.

Step 8

Here you can set Maximum Students and Difficulty Level of your course. Now scroll down.

Step 9

The product that you have created here you can select and check “Course Type” paid. If you want to publish free course then check “Course Type” free. And then scroll down.

Step 10

Here you can create your topics and lessons. To add topics click on “Add New Topic” and enter topic name. And click on “Add Topic”.

Step 11

After creating a topic you can see “Lesson”. To add lesson click on it you can see a popup window where you can enter lesson title and description to adding video scroll down.

Step 12

Open your YouTube channel and click on manage videos. Now you can see all your unlisted videos. Copy the shareable link of the video that you want to add here. And just paste the link here. Also you can enter video length. Now click on “Update Lesson”.

Step 13

Follow the same step to adding new lessons. If you want to add more topics then same as click on Add New Topic and so on. You can add unlimited number of Topics and Lessons.

Step 14

After completing Topics and Lessons scroll down. Here you can add entire Course Duration, Benefits of the Course and Requirements/Instructions. After filling this information scroll down.

Step 15

If you have course introduction video then you can paste video link here. Also you can add Targeted Audience and Materials Included.

Step 16

Now, select course category.

Step 17

If you have already created your course featured image then click on “Set Featured Image”. You can read How To Create a Thumbnails.

Step 18

To upload image click on “Upload Files” and click on Select Files choose your image. Now click on “Set Featured Image”.

Step 19

To view course click on “Preview”. If all are correct click on “Publish”.

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