How To Create Quiz Certificate For Course

Step 1

To create a quiz for the certificate. Login in to your dashboard and click on QSM and then click on Quizzes/Surveys

Step 2

We have already created a Certificate Quiz for you. Now, click on “Duplicate”.

Step 3

You can see a popup. Make sure to un-check on “Duplicate questions also?” and then enter your new course title “That You Want On Your Certificate”. Then click on the “Duplicate” button.

Step 4

After duplicate click on “Edit”. Now you can upload questions.

To Add questions Follow the steps blow:

  • Paste your question in the “Type your question here” box
  • Now add your answers, point and correct answer.
  • To add more option click on “+Add New Answer!” button.
  • If your correct answer 10 points then give all rest answer “0”.
  • To Save your question click on “Save Question”.

Step 5

To add new question scroll down you can see a button “+ Create New Question”.

Step 6

If you have uploaded all questions. Due to duplicate all the settings that I have done before all settings are already set in this quiz also. If you don’t want to update settings now follow the steps after “Step 8”.

But if you want to update the settings then read below.

Now scroll up you can see all the settings menus. Click on the “Text” menu here you can display the text before and after the quiz. After edit to save the text click on “Save Test Message”.

Step 7

In the options, you can set each and every setting. Read options carefully and then start setting. these three options you can update according to your quiz. After all, settings scroll down to click on “Save Changes”.

  • Questions Per Page
  • Time Limit (in minutes)
  • Limit Attempts

And If you want more settings. Contact us we will do it for you.

Step 8

You see a preview option in the top right corner. Right click on it and copy the URL. Also you can preview the quiz by clicking on it.

Step 9

Now set this quiz certificate in your course. Click on “Tutor LMS” and in which course want to add, open the settings of that course. And add a “Lesson” called “Certificate”.

And and if you want to add Instructions then you can add in the description area. Now type any text and link the quiz that you have copied the link.

Your certificate setup completed.

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