How To Publish Team Member In Your App

This Guide is only for those uses who have our Educator’s App. Contact Us if you want to know more about our Educator’s App.

You can show your team members on your app. Make sure the image size should be 200x200px. Follow the steps below to update team members on your app.

Step 1

Login into your dashboard and click on “App Team” then click on “Add New”.

Step 2

In the title box enter the name of your team member. In the content area type the position and about content. Note – only 3 word in position is allowed but you can write description as much you want.

Step 3

I hope you have already re-sized your team member image. Now click on “Set Featured Image” and click on “Upload File” you can see in the left top corner. After uploading click on the “Set Featured Image” button.

Step 4

Now click on “Publish” button and check in your app. In the Team Tab you can see the updated team member.

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