How To Update Images On Gallery In Your App

This Guide is only for those uses who have our Educator’s App. Contact Us if you want to know more about our Educator’s App.

If you want to upload images in the gallery tab in your app. Simply, follow the steps below. Make sure each image should be lesser than 100 KB. And the size of each image must be 725×450 px.

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Step 1

Re-size your all images. If you don’t know how to re-size an image you can read the above article. Hope you have already re-sized all your images in 725×450 px.

Step 2

Go to your dashboard and click on “App Gallery”. To Add images simply click on “Add New”.

Step 3

To upload an image click on “Set Featured Image”. Now click on “Upload Files” as you can see in the top left corner. Note: you can set only one image at a time.

Step 4

If you want to give access to the user to download the image. Then after uploading on the right side scroll down and click on the “Copy URL to clipboard”.

Step 5

In the content, area write Download Image and select the text and click on the link icon, and then paste the copied URL. Now, publish the image and check the app. Your uploaded image showing in the gallery tab.

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