How To Upload Recorded Videos On YouTube

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If you want to create a course on your application. You have to upload your recorded videos on YouTube with “Unlisted”. Let’s know how you can do this.

Step 1

In this guide, I show you from scratch how you can create a YouTube channel. If you have already created a Gmail then open And click on “Sign In”.

Step 2

After “Sign In” with the Gmail, click on the profile. Now you can see “Create a channel” menu click on it.

Step 3

After clicking on create a channel menu you can see a popup window. Here you can set you YouTube channel name and upload a logo. And then click on “Create Channel”.

Step 4

Your channel is now created. Now let’s see how you can upload a Unlisted video. In the top right corner you can see + icon click on it and then click on “upload video”.

Step 5

Now choose the video that you want to upload on YouTube. And the enter video “Title” and and then click on “Next” button.

Step 6

Now click on Next button. In the “Visibility” check “Unlisted” and then click on “Save” button. You have done all work now you can use this video link to create a course in your application.

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